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PubMed New and Noteworthy
Brief announcements highlighting recent enhancements and changes to the PubMed and MeSH databases.

PubMed New and Noteworthy
  • Clinical Queries Updated

    ​The PubMed Clinical Queries interface has been updated following a usability study to support user-friendly, efficient searching on clinical and disease-related topics. Clinical Queries currently includes filters for Clinical Studies and COVID-19 articles; the search strategies for these filters did not change in this update.

  • PubMed Update: Improvements to Email, Cite, and Save/Email/Send To

    ​Recent PubMed updates include emailing up to 1,000 citations, saving your most recently used Cite format as a preference, and convenient access to the Save/Email/Send to buttons.

  • NLM Catalog updated

    ​The link to holdings in LocatorPlus from the NLM Catalog, including both the “NLM Holdings in LocatorPlus” button at the top right of the page and the linked NLM ID at the bottom of the record, will be updated to point to the new LocatorPlus Catalog system based on the Primo VE discovery service. 

  • New Library Services Platform and Public Catalog

    ​ On June 8, 2021, NLM staff will begin using Alma for core library operations including acquisitions, cataloging, collection management, and circulation. On May 14, the Voyager system will be frozen to prepare for data extraction and migration. Data in LocatorPlus and the NLM Catalog will be current as of the May 14 freeze. On June 8, the NLM Catalog and Primo VE-powered LocatorPlus will begin reflecting new staff work in Alma.

  • Specialized Search Queries Update

    ​NLM announces selected queries will no longer be updated.

  • Single Citation Matcher and Batch Citation Matcher Updated

    ​The Single Citation Matcher and Batch Citation Matcher have been updated to the new PubMed cloud environment. 

  • MeSH Updated

    ​PubMed MEDLINE indexed citations and the MeSH database have been updated with 2021 MeSH vocabulary.

  • Legacy PubMed Retired

    ​The legacy PubMed site was retired as of November 2020 and is no longer available to use.

  • Clinical Queries Update

    ​The PubMed Clinical Queries page will soon be updated with design and content changes. The new page design aligns with the new PubMed and includes a new category for COVID-19 searches.

  • PubMed Updates and Retirement of the Legacy Site
    As previously announced via the banner on the legacy site, the legacy PubMed site will be retired after October 31, 2020. ​

    Since the new PubMed replaced the legacy site in May, NLM has continued to add improvements and features to the new site, e.g., Search details was expanded to include individual term translations and warnings related to the original query​.

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